Difference InLoox for Outlook Classic Add-in and Modern Add-in

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What is the difference between the InLoox for Outlook Classic Add-in and the Modern Add-in?



The integration of InLoox in Outlook is a major advantage of InLoox. For many years, the classic COM add-in has been a key element for many of our existing customers.

Maintenance mode for Classic Add-in

However, Microsoft will not continue to develop the COM add-in technology in the future. You can read more information about this in the Microsoft article: Migrate from COM to web add-ins | Microsoft Learn.

We therefore recommend not using the classic COM add-in if your work processes can also be mapped with the new InLoox 11 Web App. We will continue to provide bug fixes and updates for the classic COM add-in, but it is now in maintenance mode. This means that no more new features will be added.

The Modern Add-in: A future-proof solution

As a successor, we have developed a Modern Add-in for the integration in Outlook that is based on the latest technology. Find out more about the new InLoox for Outlook Modern Add-in here and take a look at the functionalities in detail in the corresponding help article.

We recommend switching to the new Modern Add-in to benefit from the advantages of the new add-in and to ensure that your work processes are future-proof. The Modern Add-in works in both the old and the new Outlook and is also suitable for Apple users.

Installation and usage:

  • Cloud versions: If you are using InLoox in one of the cloud versions (InLoox Professional or InLoox Enterprise), you can download and install the Modern Add-in directly from the Microsoft App Source.
  • On-Premise: Users of InLoox On-Prem please follow the installation instructions: Download InLoox for Outlook Modern Add-in.

IMPORTANT The new Modern Add-in requires the use of Microsoft 365.

Note Using InLoox in combination with Microsoft 365 offers many other advantages. More about InLoox + Microsoft 365 »