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What does the InLoox OnPrem Server need internet access for?


Note This guide is only relevant for InLoox OnPrem.

For license activation and notifications about new versions, the InLoox OnPrem Server requires internet access to the following URLs:


If your InLoox OnPrem Server does not have general internet access or if you cannot or donĀ“t want to individually release the URLs, a proxy server can also be set up in the InLoox OnPrem Server. Please note that a proxy set up in the Windows system is not used and must be configured according to this guide.


How to configure a proxy server:

Note Please ensure that the InLoox OnPrem Server is installed in at least version 11.6.

During installation or in configuration mode, you can enter the proxy server on the following page:

InLoox On-Prem Installer - Proxyserver einrichten

The URL of the proxy server must be entered in the following format:



If no login is required at the proxy server, check the box for anonymous login.

Then test the configuration. If the test is successful, you can proceed with the installation.

NoteIf you set up the proxy server only after the initial setup of your InLoox On-Premise solution, you must re-enter it in the configuration mode of the server setup. To do this, start the server setup as an administrator and select "Adjust configuration". Here, you can now enter the proxy server. After completing the configuration adjustment, the IIS must be restarted once.

Internetinformationsdienste (IIS) neu starten