Project Planning

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Creating a Project Plan with InLoox

With InLoox, you create Gantt-Charts for your project planning. Such a Gantt-Chart consists of milestones, specific points in a project timeline, and activities, which are scheduled phases in a project with a specific start and end date, dependencies and constraints. Several activities can be combined to form a summary activity. Activities usually comprise of one or more tasks that need to be done in order to complete the activity.

You can create a project planning manually in InLoox Web App, which will be desribed in this article.

However, you have more options for creating a project plan. This includes:

  1. Adopt planning elements from a mind map.
  2. Create and use planning templates or import planning templates.
  3. Copy and paste planning elements from an Excel-file (only in InLoox for Windows)

ATTENTION You can only create an InLoox project plan if you have the necessary permissions. You need to have permissions to Edit Projects and to Edit Planning. If you only have permission to Access Projects and Access Planning, you are unable to create a project plan.