Add lag to planning elements

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In certain instances, you may want to include some buffer to account for delays or external factors that affect your project. In this case, you can add lag in your project plan. Lag times can also serve as a kind of time constraint between planning elements.

1. First open the context menu of one of the planning elements by right-clicking and then on Edit. A side panel with details about the planning element opens up.

2. In the side panel, click on the blue button Configure constraints and calendar to open up the Information window. 

3. Depending on the selected planning element, select the Predecessor or Successor tab. There you will either find the existing relationship(s) to other planning elements or you can create a new dependency using the + at the bottom left. You can find more information on this topic under Dependencies between planning elements.

4. Select the desired dependency. In the column on the far right labeled Lag, you can now enter the days, hours or minutes that you would like to set as a buffer. As you enter or change the value here, you can observe the effects dynamically and in real time in the Gantt chart and see how the bars shift accordingly.

Lag / buffer between planning elements

In the example above, Vorgang C is selected as the planning element. There is a classic finish-to-start dependency with the predecessor, Vorgang B. There is a lag of 3 days between the two activities B and C.

5. When you have finished, click Save.

Info You can also set lead times, e.g. if the subsequent planning element can start 1 day before the end of the previous one. To do this, simply enter a minus sign before the lag.