Copy data from an Excel spreadsheet

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If you have made a planning in an Excel spreadsheet, you can transfer it to an InLoox planning by using Copy/Paste.

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet and select the data that corresponds to the planning elements (activities and milestones) in your Excel spreadsheet.

Excel sheet with planning elements

NOTE Please note that when you copy multiple cells in a column, Excel also copies the cells in between. In this case, we recommend selecting each cell individually, copying it and pasting it into the InLoox planning.

2. Click on Copy.

3. Open the InLoox project and the planning where you want to copy the Excel elements.

4. Now click Paste in the InLoox Planning ribbon under Edit.

5. The elements copied from the Excel spreadsheet to the InLoox planning are displayed as activities with a start date according to the project start.

Planning elements from Excel in InLoox planning

Now you can edit the planning elements as usual.