Add tasks to the project time planning (Gantt)

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It makes sense to add the project tasks to the planning elements once you have set the logical and chronological order and any restrictions. As soon as you have assigned tasks to a planning element, you cannot edit the planning element until you have removed the task.

You have several options for assigning project-related tasks to the appropriate element in the project schedule (Gantt chart):

  1. You can assign project-related tasks that have already been created to a planning element using drag and drop.
  2. If no project-related tasks exist yet, you can create them manually. You can find out how this works in this article.


Add new project tasks manually in the planning

If no project tasks exist yet, create new tasks. Proceed as follows:

1. Select the activity or milestone to which you want to assign the new task.

2. Click on the blue button New Task.

3. The new task appears. Give the task a new name, which you can enter directly in the planning list. Alternatively, you can also open the new task (right-click and then click on Edit) and enter the details in the side panel that opens.

Neue Aufgabe in Gantt Planung erstellen und bearbeiten

NOTE Start and end are initially taken from the activity to which the task was assigned.