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To print a Gantt chart in InLoox Web App, proceed as follows:

1. Open a project in InLoox Web App and navigate to  the Planning.

2. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right and then on Print.

Drucken der Gantt-Planung in InLoox Web App

3. The print settings open. You have various customization options here:

Columns: You may not need all the columns in the printed Gantt that you usually display in your planning. You can remove the column for printing using the x next to the respective column name. Of course, you can also add more columns. To do this, type in the word, which is then displayed in a drop-down menu and can be added.

Schedule Range: Here you define which time range is to be printed, i.e. which months, weeks etc. You have three options to choose from:

  • Complete schedule: Prints the entire schedule. Please note that the print size will be relatively small for extensive schedules.
  • Visible schedule: Prints the section currently visible in the Gantt chart. Use the zoom buttons or the Ctrl key plus mouse wheel to navigate and set the visible area.
  • Date range: Select a specific time window with start and end date.

Rows: Choose between

  • All Rows: Prints all tasks, summary tasks, milestones, etc
  • Visible Rows: Only prints the elements visible in the Gantt chart. Note If you have a very extensive plan in which not all rows are shown in your view, these will be cut off when printing.

Control Pagination: 

  • Single page: This option prints all content on a single page.
  • Multiple pages: This option means that the Gantt chart will be split across multiple pages both horizontally and vertically. For example, if the diagram is too large in both width (time axis) and height (list of activities) to fit on a single page, it will be split into several segments. The result is a kind of grid or matrix of pages which, when put together, make up the entire diagram. This is useful if the diagram is very extensive both in terms of the time axis and the number of activities, tasks or milestones.
  • Multiple pages (vertical): This option focuses on the vertical division of the diagram. This means that the diagram is divided into several pages along the vertical axis (the list of actvities, tasks or milestones), while the horizontal axis (the time axis) is retained on each page. This is especially helpful if the chart has a long list of tasks or resources arranged vertically, but the timeline itself fits on a single page.

For multi-page printing, you have the option of aligning rows via a checkbox. The Align rows option ensures that the rows on each page start at the same height. This means that if a line ends at the bottom of a page, it will continue at the top of the next page exactly where it left off.

Paper format: Choose from the different layouts: A6, A5, A4, A3, Legal, Letter.

Orientation: Select whether your planning should be printed in portrait or landscape format. Tip Landscape format is usually more suitable.

4. When you have finished setting up everything, click on Print.

5. The print settings of your PC/printer will open.

Note Set the paper format and layout again here, as InLoox only affects the planning layout, not the printer settings.

6. Check the print preview and confirm with Print when everything meets your expectations.