Resource utilization in project planning

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You have the option of expanding the classic Gantt chart and also displaying the resource utilization view below.

Proceed as follows:

Go to any desired project and open the planning.
Use the button with the person on it in the navigation bar to open the resource overview.

Show resource overview in project planning

The resource utilization of those team members who are assigned as resources for tasks in the Gantt is now displayed directly below the Gantt chart.

Monitor the progress of the project and the associated resource utilization at the same time:

  • At person level and project level, the utilization is always indicated in %.
  • For the tasks themselves, the number reflects the workload in hours.
  • The area marked in red indicates when a resource is overloaded. It should be checked here whether tasks can be redistributed and assigned to a person who still has free capacity.

Changes in the Gantt chart, such as a shift of certain activities including their tasks, are reflected in real time in the resource utilization. This makes it easier to identify bottlenecks and reveals when an optimized distribution of tasks is required.

Ressourcenauslastung unterhalb Gantt-Planung



In the example above, the person Lena Schmidt is overloaded in the week of November 27. The workload there is 126% and 101%.

Lena Schmidt could be supported by assigning task 1 and/or task 2 to her colleague Max Mustermann, as long as he has the appropriate qualifications and knowledge to perform these tasks as well.

You redistribute tasks by simply clicking on the task and changing the resource.

The change is immediately reflected in the workload view.


Detailed information can also be found in the help article resource overview ยป