Flashback: Your Favorite InLoox Blog Posts of 2015

Linh Tran, Thursday 14 January 2016 | Reading time: unknown

TOP 10 InLoox Blog Posts of 2015

It’s always important to look back and identify what went wrong, but also what went really well, which aspects you can improve and what you want to achieve next. The same goes for our blog so we compiled a list of your, our readers’, favorite posts on the InLoox blog – a little flashback, if you will. 

10. The 50 Best Quotes About Leadership

Quotes are a great source of motivation and inspiration. Let these 50 quotes about leadership inspire you to be a better leader. 

9. [GUEST AUTHOR] Why Your C-Level Doesn’t Get Project Management

Our guest author Brad Egeland provides the answers to the question why the C-level usually doesn’t get project management and what you – the project manager – can do to change that. Read all of Brad’s posts here

8. Planning “The Oscars” – The Project Management Perspective

Awards season is here. Will Leonardo DiCaprio finally get an Oscar? We’ll know on February 28. What we already know now is that planning the Oscars is not an easy endeavor. 

7. Strategies for Effective E-Mail Management Part 3

The third part of our blog series on effective email management gives you practical tips on creating perfect emails that your recipients actually want to reply to. Find even more tips in part 1 and part 2

6. 5 Questions on the Critical Path

You’ve probably heard about the critical path, but what is it exactly? Find the answers to the five most frequently asked questions on the critical path in this post. 

5. The Importance of Time Management (Aspects of Project Management Part 1)

The key is not to work more, but to work more efficiently. [Tweet this] It’s not about working harder, but working smarter. Effective time management is the key to project success!

4. Check list: Kick-Off Meeting

This post has been a long-time favorite of our readers. Starting a project with a successful kick-off meeting will help the project manager and their team to complete the whole project successfully. 

3. The Magic Triangle and Devil’s Quadrangle – Understanding Project Management Models

Understanding the three or four constraints that every project faces is vital. The job of a project manager is to balance the constraints against each other and the goal is to deliver a project that is on time, within budget, and within the predefined scope. 

2. The Importance of the Gantt Chart and the Critical Path for Project Management

The two staples of project management that you should not underestimate. Gantt charts and the Critical Path method are still important tools for project managers - even in times of increased agility. [Tweet this]

Drumroll...we present you the most popular post of 2015: 

1. 5 Hot Project Management Trends to Look Out For in 2015

In hindsight, our project management trends predictions for 2015 were pretty accurate. Take a look back and see which predictions came true. What are the predictions for 2016? Find out here: Project Management Trend Predictions for 2016

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