Reading Tip: Project Management Trend Predictions for 2016

Linh Tran, Wednesday 13 January 2016 | Reading time: unknown

Header Project Management Predictions for 2016

“Being able to look into the future” is probably on every project manager’s New Year’s wish list. [Tweet this] Unfortunately, that’s not possible. What is possible, is to look at the past and make predictions for the future. 

The 2015 PM trends are not going to disappear but will continue into 2016. However, 2016 will see some new trends emerging that offer new opportunities (and challenges) for project management:  

2015: Buzzword of the year: “risk management” --> 2016: Buzzword of the year: “Internet of Things” (IoT)
2015: Globalization of the project team --> 2016: Increased emphasis on mobility
2015: Need for more project managers --> 2016: Need for more certified PMs
2015: The beginning of the end of agile? -->2016: Increased agility and flexibility
2015: Greater emphasis on leadership and soft skills --> 2016: Emphasis on teamwork

Here is an infographic summary of the five hottest PM trends for 2016:

INFOGRAPHIC Project Management Trend Predictions for 2016


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