The Inloox Blog Turns 10!

Linh Tran, Wednesday 13 April 2022 | Reading time: 2 min.

Exactly ten years ago on April 13, 2012, we published the first post on the InLoox blog. What milestones have we reached over the decade and which blog post is the most popular of all? Find out in this post.

The evolution of the InLoox blog

The InLoox blog turns 10: Statistics

Project management and software is our passion, and it is evident on our blog. A majority of our posts revolve around every possible aspect of project management and project management software. What many don't know: Project management encompasses much more than just methods and metrics, in fact key elements of the discipline include leadership skills and collaboration. Over time, the InLoox blog has evolved from a project management blog to a portal for high-quality articles on project management, leadership and productivity.

Not only have the topics constantly evolved, but we also made changes to the design and modernized the blog. Can you still remember the previous iterations of the blog and can you spot all of the changes?

The InLoox blog turns 10: Website design changes over the years

Image: The InLoox blog from 2012 to 2022

Since the first blog post, almost 1000 more have been added, written by 11 authors and countless guest authors. Each post has been carefully researched and enthusiastically written, always with the goal of providing real value to our readership. We've always had a lot of fun writing these posts, and we hope you've had just as much fun reading them. 


The 10 most popular blog posts of all time

The InLoox blog turns 10: Here are the 10 most popular blog posts of all time

We have written many successful articles on a wide variety of topics, from project management 101 to the detailed how-to of project planning to the introduction to agile methods. But which ones have been the most successful? Here are the ten most popular InLoox blog posts of all time:


Thank you to all our authors, guest authors and of course our loyal readers. Here's to another 10 years - at least!

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