The Best of This Year: Presenting Your 10 Favorite InLoox Blog Posts from 2019!

Kathrin Jungwirth, Tuesday 10 December 2019 | Reading time: unknown

We are looking back on the year 2019 and have already collected your favourite blog posts from the InLoox blog. OKRs, time management, project management basics and process optimization - these exciting topics have inspired you.

#10: Time Management: How to Work More Productively with Timeboxing

Do you handle far too much tasks at the same time and without a proper plan? Then you should try Timeboxing. Using fixed time windows and a clearly defined goal, can boost your productivity.

#9: The Iceberg Phenomenon in Project Management: How to Make Invisible Efforts Visible

A project takes longer and costs more than expected - not uncommon. However, this is often the case even if none of the potential project risks have occurred and without bottlenecks endangering the success of the project. How can that be?

#8: Objectives and Key Results: How to Set and Manage Goals with OKR

Leadership changes in times of agile organizations. The popular OKR method offers a simple approach to link company goals with the objectives of employees and makes them measurable.

#7: The 7 most Important Arguments for Implementing Project Management

Project management equals bureaucracy? Find out which arguments speak for PM - we have collected the 7 most important reasons for the implementation of professional project management in companies.

#6: Process Optimization in Project Management (3): Lean Project Management

Lean Project Management relies on efficient processes: With the customer benefit always in mind, unnecessary efforts are eliminated. Learn more about this approach and its principles.

#5: Process Optimization in Project Management (1): Steady Progress with Kaizen

Learn how to optimize daily activities: Process optimization with Kaizen thrives on continuous improvement on a small scale. Kaizen is a way of thinking and has to be implemented across all levels.

#4: Back to Basics (Part 11): How to Create a Phase-Milestone-Plan

A new project is about to start and you want to get a first overview of the schedule and important milestones? Learn more about the phase-milestone plan and how to visualize it with project management software.

#3: The Kick-off Meetings: Checklist for a Motivating Project Start

Kick-off meetings are an effective basis for a successful project start. In this article we explain why that is, list the most important elements of a kick-off meeting and give you a checklist for planning one.

#2: Quick and Easy: The Difference between Critical Chain and Critical Path

Critical chain, critical path - what's the difference between these two project management methods? That's exactly what we're going to examine briefly in this blog post.

#1: Back to Basics (Part 10): How to Create a Project Network Diagram

One of the biggest project management challenges is to meet deadlines and completing projects on time. Creating a project network diagram can help you plan projects more accurately.


We are always grateful for suggestions, comments and feedback so that we can meet your interests again in 2020 and inspire you with relevant topics. We look forward to reading from you. 

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