InLoox 10.2: Better task management: The new Kanban board + video presenting new features

Kathrin Jungwirth, Tuesday 08 October 2019 | Reading time: unknown

With the newest InLoox version (10.2) we celebrate the launch of our completely new Kanban board! Task management is now even easier, faster and more intuitive. In this article and the linked video you can learn more about the new features now available with the Kanban board.

Well-directed project communication often contributes a great deal to the success of a project. Whether it's responsibilities, budgets, important milestones or project goals, communicating clearly and unmistakably speeds up project progress significantly. With our latest InLoox update (10.2), we have placed a speacial focus on improving project communication.

The new Kanban board

The Kanban board did not just get a facelift but has been completely replaced by a new module. All the features you know and love are still there and you can continue working as before — only even faster and more efficiently.

Adjust the task card size

The biggest visible change in InLoox 10.2 is the new Kanban board. But it‘s not just a visible change, there are some new and improved features as well. You have always been able to collapse and expand the task cards. The new Kanban allows you to adjust the card size according to your information needs. Simple hold the CTRL key and scroll up or down simultaneously with your mouse to enlarge or reduce the size of the cards. You will see more or less information depending on the size of the card. 

Create new tasks more efficently

You create a new task and assign it to a column (status) directly instead of having to re-assign tasks afterwards.

Task notes are now in a separate tab in the sidepanel

You will find the task notes in a tab in the task editing window in the sidepanel. This enables you to quickly leave comments and notes on your tasks.

Edit task information faster

The new Kanban allows you to edit more information inline, such as the task name or the resource. Just click on the name field and edit it directly.

Scroll columns individually

The different columns (status) of the Kanban board can now be scrolled individually. To do this, move the cursor to the corresponding column and start to scroll down and op.

In our short video we introduce you to all new features of the Kanban board:

>> Watch the full video here (no audio) <<

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