Video Tutorial: Working with the Kanban view in InLoox 9 for Outlook

What is Kanban?

Kanban is an easy-to-use and effective task management method. As it visualizes the work progress, this method is very popular in project management. The Kanban model classically specifies tasks into three different categories:

  • To do: The left column shows all pending tasks. 
  • In progress: When a project team member is starting to process a pending task, the task will be viewed in the middle. In the middle, all tasks that are in progress are displayed.
  • Done: When a task is finished, it will be moved to the right column. The right column shows all tasks that are already done. 

The Kanban board in InLoox 9 for Outlook

The Kanban view in InLoox 9 for Outlook

With Inloox 9 for Outlook, you can effectively organize your tasks according to the classic Kanban board. Additionally, you can assign the tasks per drag-and-drop to the activities of your project plan (Gantt chart). You even can convert tasks into autonomous activities, too.

Our new video tutorial of our tutorial series for InLoox 9 for Outlook explains step-by-step how to use tasks and how to work with the Kanban view.

Watch the full video here: The Kanban view in InLoox 9 for Outlook 

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