Get To Know InLoox: Martin - Software Engineer and Employee from “Day One”

Linh Tran, Tuesday 16 November 2021 | Reading time: 6 min.

In this feature of our popular blog series, we introduce you to a special member of our team. As our most senior team member, Martin has seen a lot of things and has been involved in the development of the software from the very beginning. Read here what InLoox means to him.

Martin has been working for InLoox since October 2007 and is therefore the oldest employee in our company. Today, he supports our development team as a software architect with his many years of experience. To celebrate InLoox's 20th anniversary, we asked him three interesting questions about his time at InLoox in addition to our classic "Get to know InLoox" questions. Learn what his highlights have been in almost 15 years at InLoox in this post, among other things. 

1. What motivated you to apply for a job at InLoox?

The startup flair and the corporate culture made me want to start at IQmedialab back then. My focus has always been on medium-sized companies, where you are allowed to take on broad areas of responsibility and can really make a difference. The location in Munich and the proximity to the mountains was a plus, of course.

2. What is your favorite InLoox feature?

There is no special favorite feature. For me, InLoox is the interaction of a whole range of deeply integrated features. For example, I can link plans from different projects and generate a snapshot from them.

3. Which project would you like to see accelerated?

If I live to see the first human standing on Mars that would be great. Until that happens, the climate protection program should be accelerated.

4 What profession did you want to pursue as a child?

I always wanted to become a pilot for Lufthansa. Back then, while I was still at school, I went to a 2-day selection process in Hamburg. Unfortunately, it didn't work out then. Well, it's not really a good career choice nowadays anyway.

5. Who or what would you like to be for one day?

My little daughter. Whenever I ask her about her day at daycare, I get "Great" as an answer. I would like to experience that myself.

6. What is your life motto?

Even the longest way begins with the first step.

7. Where would you like to live if you had the choice?

My home, the beautiful Erzgebirge.

8. What is your favorite personal project?

The project I am most proud of is my smarthome system. During the Corona winter I spent whole evenings automating as much as possible in my home.

9. What do you do when you're not developing InLoox software?

Anything you can do in the great outdoors. Snowboarding, climbing or bouldering, mountaineering and biking. If the Corona regulations allow it again, judo training is back on the list as well.

InLoox employee Martin snowboarding

Photo: InLoox team member Martin snowboarding in the Alps

Corona Special:

10. What is your work from home lifehack?

Cell phone off the desk. It's an easy way to reduce distractions while working from home.

11. Three things you love about working from home

  • My workspace.
  • The short commute to the "office."
  • The ability to focus on work without any "office distractions".

12. What do you miss most about office life?

The water cooler talks with colleagues and, of course, I miss our cooking sessions, which resulted in very creative lunch menus.

Anniversary special:

13. What was your personal highlight in the 20 years at InLoox?

One of my most memorable customer experiences to this day is from my early years at InLoox. Back then, I think it was 2008, we couldn't solve one of our customers' problem remotely and decided to look at the problem on site. So InLoox founder Dr. Andreas Tremel and I drove to our customer in Liechtenstein. There we received a very warm and open welcome. But most of all, I was happy to experience the live use of our software on site for the first time. That was a special moment for me, which I still remember today.

As a team, we have also experienced some highlights at InLoox. The kick-off event for 2018 particularly stands out for me. The entire InLoox team traveled to Stans, Switzerland for 2 days for this event. The event consisted of an kick-off meeting for 2018 as well as lots of skiing, sledding and team building.

14. In one sentence: What does InLoox mean to you?

For me, InLoox means continuous development and challenge.

15. How has working at InLoox changed in 20 years?

Software development has definitely become much more professional. This is true for the industry itself as well as for our own InLoox team. Through the introduction of standard processes and workflows, we have constantly evolved in a positive way. However, despite all the change and professionalization, the personal and team spirit has never been lost.

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