Get to Know InLoox: Andreas – Software Engineer at InLoox Headquaters in Munich

Annalena Simonis, Wednesday 14 July 2021 | Reading time: 5 min.

Get to know our employees! This month, we introduce you to another member of our development department. Read the interview with software engineer and team leader of the support department Andreas and take a look behind the scenes of InLoox.

Andreas has been working as a InLoox software engineer, mainly for our desktop product, at our main location in Munich since 2014. He also takes care of the areas infrastructure and setup. As a member of the engineering team, he is responsible for the maintenance of our cloud version (InLoox now!). He also coordinates the support team. When he is not working on the InLoox project management software, Andreas is an enthusiastic outdoor athlete, an experienced engineer and loves to travel.


1. What motivated you to apply for a job at InLoox?

After graduating as a computer science technician (the highly official title is "state-certified computer science technician"), I wanted to get out of my Bavarian-Swabian hometown. A big city - particularly Munich - is a great place to work, especially in IT. Since one of my brothers already lived and worked in Munich, it was not a difficult choice. InLoox as an employer felt ideal for me from the beginning. After having worked for a large German company for 6 years, I was eager to make a direct impact in a smaller company. That is completely the case here!

2. What do you like most about the project management software InLoox?

I actually don't have just one favorite feature. I'll cheat a bit and will say that the Outlook integration is my favorite "feature". The fact that it’s so simple to file emails directly in projects or to track times from the Outlook calendar helps speed up many work processes.

3. Which project would you like to see accelerated?

It's actually not a real project, but I would very much welcome a faster expansion of public transport in Munich and the infrastructure for cyclists. In my eyes, our inner-city infrastructure is oriented too strongly towards the needs of car drivers - that's not really up to date anymore. The pop-up bike lanes last year (not only in Munich) were a nice example of how it can be much more pleasant for cyclists in big cities.

4. What profession did you want to pursue as a child?

I can't really remember my career aspirations as a child. When it came to deciding on a direction in the 9th grade of secondary school, my favorites were: IT specialist, bank manager and industrial sales representative. I even went on a 2-day "internship" with the police. In the end, however, it became a mixture of IT and business: information technology specialist.

5. Who or what would you like to be for a day?

I feel quite comfortable in my own skin. That's why I can't think of anyone or anything.

6. What is your life motto?

I don't really have that - just always be in a good mood and be friendly.

7. Where would you like to live if you had the choice?

Definitely New Zealand. The incredible variety of amazingly beautiful, diverse landscapes, waterfalls, volcanoes, etc. and the most diverse opportunities for (action) sports is simply unbeatable. I will certainly spend a vacation there again.

InLoox Software-Engineer Andreas

Picture: InLoox software engineer Andreas in New Zealand

8. What is your favorite personal project?

I developed an intelligent automatic system for my parents' house. The electric car can now be charged dynamically. The highlight: The more surplus the photovoltaics on the roof produce, the faster the car is charged.

9. What do you like to do most when you are not developing the InLoox software?

Mountain hiking, biking (especially with my gravel bike), cooking. If it is possible again after Corona, a climbing class is at the top of my list.


Corona Special:

10. What's your work from home life hack?

The possibility to work directly under the skylight and thus enjoy the sun while working.

11. Three things you love about working from home.

  1. The short distance to the “workplace”
  2. The possibility to work completely undisturbed
  3. My kitchen

12. What do you miss most about office life?

Cooking lunch with colleagues and the frequent exchanges with one another. The communication still takes place, but not as frequently or intensively.


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