Back to Basics (Part 1): Effective Project Sponsorship

Linh Tran, Thursday 21 January 2016 | Reading time: unknown

To be successful, a project needs to have a clear plan to make sure that it’s completed on time, within scope, and on budget. That’s all there is to achieve project success, right? Not quite. Many businesses overlook one vital aspect: project sponsorship. Having a sponsor who is involved and engaged in the project from day one can make the difference between success or failure of a project. 

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Check List: Project Scope Statement

Linh Tran, Monday 18 January 2016 | Reading time: unknown

Checklist: Project Scope Statement

“Unclear project contract“, “fuzzy project goals” or just a simple “we’ve completely talked past each other” – a lot of times a project is missing an important foundation for its success from the very beginning: a clear scope specification, which functions as an essential guideline throughout the progress of the project. Client and contractor should both be clear about what they expect from each other and clearly define what they consider a successful project completion. 

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Thought Leadership for Project Success

Linh Tran, Friday 18 September 2015 | Reading time: unknown
Photo by Pixabay User Comfreak (edited)

‘Thought Leader’ is one of the buzzwords in business nowadays. What distinguishes a thought leader from a ‘normal’ leader?  Simply speaking, thought leaders are what the internet would call influencers, they are those with high Klout scores and high follower numbers on Twitter because they are experts in one specialized field. 

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Avoid Project Failures with Design Thinking

Linh Tran, Friday 04 September 2015 | Reading time: unknown

Avoid Project Failures with Design Thinking

Photo by Pixabay User stux

When people hear ‘design’ they automatically associate it with the appearance of a product, but ‘Design Thinking’ goes much further than that. It’s not just about how the end product looks like, it focuses on the process of developing a product and places the human factor at the center. 

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7 Reasons Why You Should Always Have an Agenda for Your Business Meetings

Aaron McCardell, Tuesday 15 July 2014 | Reading time: 5 min.

Why you should always have an agenda for meetings

Photo by plantoo47 (Flickr), Licensed under CC BY 2.0

We've all been there: We've walked out of business meetings knowing we're never going to get that time back, wondering why we were invited and what it was that we accomplished. Often, this lack of productivity in a meeting is not the result of what happened during the meeting but rather what didn't happen beforehand: meeting preparation. Planning an effective meeting is as important as conducting one. Here are seven more reasons to create meeting agendas.

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