Use Case Template: InLoox for Human Resource Management

Annalena Simonis, Thursday 19 August 2021 | Reading time: 3 min.

The HR department is one of the most important parts in the company. Besides typical administrative tasks, HR management faces new challenges. With our free InLoox templates, you can keep your HR projects under control despite upcoming changes.

Nowadays, a company's HR department no longer serves just as a "middleman" between employee and employer. In our modern working world, HR is an autonomous organizational unit that takes care of all personnel matters. At the same time, the areas of responsibility are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. Challenges and developments in the employment market are increasingly forcing HR departments to take a strategic approach. Our InLoox use case templates on human resource management show you how to keep your HR projects on course and ready for the future.


What are the tasks and challenges of HR?

The areas of responsibility of HR can be divided into personnel management and personnel administration. Personnel management includes tasks such as the definition of corporate goals for individual departments, cooperation with managers of individual business units, but also areas of employee development. Personnel administration is responsible for the entire recruiting process: From the hiring process and the administration of application documents to personnel planning and communication. The extent to which the individual tasks are represented in the company usually depends on the size of the company. In some cases, the responsibilities of the human resource manager also include payroll or employee support. These days, strategic management is also becoming increasingly important in HR. This is due to many new challenges that force companies to modernize their HR departments. The main reason for this is the growing shortage of qualified specialists, which is forcing companies into a "war for talents". The demand for talented applicants is increasing, while the supply is decreasing. Other challenges, such as demographic change, are encouraging this development. As a result, employer branding and marketing are also becoming increasingly important as HR tasks. Furthermore, new and modern working methods, also known under the collective term "New Work", demand a flexibilization of previous work structures.


How can project management software help?

With the mentioned challenges many new tasks arise and HR departments are faced with extensive change projects. In addition to the major strategic challenges facing HR, it is important not to lose sight of the day-to-day tasks. Project management software can help standardize and automate recurring processes such as employee onboarding or offboarding. This way, you can guarantee a consistent approach and can be sure that you have not overlooked any step in the process. With the InLoox project management software, old projects can easily be copied and reused. Alternatively, simply download one of our templates and start standardizing your HR projects.


InLoox templates for free download:

Recruiting campaign

To stand your ground in the "war for talents" on the labor market and generate attention, you need increasingly sophisticated methods. Convince qualified professionals with a creative and successful approach. Use our planning template and organize your next recruiting campaign with InLoox.

Download free template


Onboarding project

This InLoox template helps you to ensure that no important detail is forgotten in the onboarding process and new employees can start right away on the first day. Moreover you can keep track of all steps. Set a standardized procedure for all applicants by using this template.

Download free template


Offboarding project

Even when employees leave the company, it is important to keep all stages in mind. The topic of data protection in particular has increased the urgency of defined and standardized offboarding processes. Use this template to make sure all details are clarified before an employee leaves your company.

Download free template



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