Use Case Template: Introduction of Change Management with InLoox

Annalena Simonis, Tuesday 15 June 2021 | Reading time: 4 min.

In times of change, you have to act. For companies, this means one thing: change management. In our new use case template, we show you how to take the first steps towards change with InLoox.

Digitalization, sustainability and, more recently, global pandemics are probably the most influential challenges facing companies today. For organizations this means that they inevitably will have to adapt. Be it because of societal changes, political events or simply to stay relevant in their target market. Our world is in a constant state of change and those who don’t adapt will be left behind. Particularly in large, rigid organizations, but also in SMEs, any change process can grow into a huge project that requires lot of effort. That's why we’ve created a change management planning template to enable you to properly initiate changes in your company with InLoox.


Definition Change Management

The goal of change management is to adapt processes, strategies and structures in companies in order to move with the times and achieve competitive advantages. Change management is therefore the organization and management of change in a company in order to contribute to its further development. This includes all decisions, tasks or actions that contribute to an extensive and cross-functional change of structures, behaviors and systems within the organization. Change processes are often triggered by strategic realignments of the company itself or by external impulses. Typical reasons for change management are, for example, the development of new markets, the acquisition of another company, adaptation of new technical standards, but also political decisions or reaction to changing customer needs.


What are the challenges in change management?

Once a company has decided on a new strategy, it is not enough to simply communicate it internally. All employees, including management, must participate in the change and internalize the new values, tasks and rules. Often you may encounter rejection at first, as employees prefer to stick to existing processes. That’s why change management doesn’t just involve an enormous organizational effort, those responsible must also show a high degree of empathy and people skills during the change process.


How can project management software help?

Change management is very complex and requires thoughtful planning and a transparent approach. With the help of a project management software, you can keep track of past and planned measures. Through documentation, you gain maximum transparency and can make progress measurable. This enables you to evaluate activities and, if necessary, adjust them. Create a project for the entire change process or split the project into smaller sub-projects for each individual department in your company. A PM software has the advantage that you have all important information in one place.


InLoox templates for download:

Professionalize your project management with InLoox now and use our free change management templates:


Overview: 6 success factors in change management

Get your change process off to the right start and capture the most important success factors clearly right from the start with our mind map template. You can individualize and adapt the mind map to your project.

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The change management process

If you want to change something, you first need a plan. With our template, we offer you a structured basic plan that provides you with an overview of important deadlines, tasks and phases. Adapt the template to your change project and add important items to your agenda.

Download free template



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