New Whitepaper: How to Customize the InLoox Folder Structure

InLoox is not only the central platform for task and project management, but also for document storage. Besides the convenient storage of Outlook e-mails, InLoox offers the possibility to adapt the document structure in InLoox to that of your file system. This ensures that everyone who works with InLoox immediately finds their way around the central project document storage.

By separating project documents from project-independent, i.e. personal documents, InLoox users can also store and record documents for their daily business in InLoox - all in one place and clearly structured.

In this whitepaper you will learn how to customize the folder structure in InLoox to your needs:

  1. Document Storage in InLoox
  2. Folder Structure: InLoox PM vs. InLoox now!
  3. Customize Folder Structure of Project Folders
  4. Tips for InLoox Document Storage 

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