New InLoox Integration: Visualize Your Projects With the New Interface to Microsoft Power BI

Annalena Simonis, Thursday 25 June 2020 | Reading time: 5 min.

We are pleased to present the new InLoox integration with Power BI. With Microsoft's reporting service for business intelligence you can take your project controlling to the next level. Visualize your InLoox projects with Power BI now!

The definition of project management says: Project management includes the planning, control and implementation of a project. Nevertheless, project controlling as an important component tends to be underestimated by many project managers. As it’s seen as taking too much time and effort, it discourages a lot of them. However, typical project challenges such as budget overruns, lack of resources, missed deadlines or missed targets can be avoided by monitoring and controlling the project’s progress. Systematic reporting helps project managers to keep an track of the project and make safe decisions for the project and the organization. To keep the effort as low as possible, reporting processes must be standardized and involve as little manual work as possible for your employees.

InLoox once again offers you an intelligent solution and enables you to take the step towards simple and professional project controlling. With the new integration to the cloud-based reporting service for Business Intelligence Power BI, InLoox extends its connection to the Microsoft product world. Find out about the advantages you can expect from the interface between InLoox and Power BI in this article.

  1. What is Power BI?
  2. Data visualization - Why?
  3. InLoox + Power BI – New opportunities
  4. Technical conditions

What is Power BI?

It’s the cloud-based reporting service for business intelligence from Microsoft. Users can create reports with the Desktop App and publish the reports to the online service of the program. A local version "Power BI Report Server" is available for Power BI Premium users. Users have the possibility to connect, visualize, consolidate and evaluate large amounts of data. Thus, your project data can be presented in appealing diagrams, reports or dashboards, making it simple to understand and easy to evaluate for all users. You can find more information about the possibilities with Power BI here.


Data visualization - Why?

Why is the conventional method of collecting and presenting all project data in an Excel spreadsheet not sufficient? The presentation with Excel tables is usually quite chaotic. By visualizing the data in expressive diagrams, reports or dashboards, even complex data can be analyzed more comfortably. Managers benefit from always having an up-to-date overview of the efficiency and productivity of their projects. Trends can be recognized early on and can lead to better business decisions. All in all, the visual presentation of your data serves one purpose: to find important information faster and make the right conclusions.

Picture: Power BI Overview Project Status

InLoox + Power BI – New opportunities

The new integration with Power Bi is an extension to InLoox's own reporting tool, Dashboard Designer. The previous interface to Power BI only allowed the usage of one data source and the possibility to create only one dashboard and three reports. With the new integration you can discover new opportunities for your professional project reporting that would not be possible using the standard dashboard. Use openly accessible InLoox data sources in Power BI and define relationships between data sources variably. Other advantages of the new interface between InLoox and Power BI:

  • Create individual reports and dashboards for your InLoox projects

Power BI Report Open Tasks

Picture: Power BI Report over open tasks

  • Model your data and design visualizations according to your needs:

Power BI Report Effort

Picture: Power BI overview recources

  • Everything at a glance: From now on, you save time-consuming copying and pasting of data by bundling all project data in one central platform. 

Power BI Dahsboard

Picture: Power BI Dashboard

Technical Requirements

To use the benefits of the new integration of InLoox in Power BI, you need a valid InLoox now! Professional or Enterprise account and the Power BI Desktop App.


You would like to learn more about the integration of InLoox in Power BI? Download our free whitepaper and learn all about the technical details of the new integration: InLoox + Power BI - Make better decisions with intelligent data visualization

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