NEW Microsoft Teams Integration: Connect InLoox now! with Teams & Manage Your Projects in Your Channels

Annalena Simonis, Thursday 14 May 2020 | Reading time: 4 min.

We are happy to launch the new InLoox app for Microsoft Teams, which allows you to combine project management with real-time communication via Teams. Edit important project details or share and discuss information in real-time directly in the app.

InLoox is constantly working to extend its comprehensive integrations to the Microsoft Office landscape to make it easier for you to manage your projects as well as existing processes and systems. InLoox now! not only expands Microsoft Outlook into a project platform, users can also link the software with other programs such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Project, Excel or Power Automate. Information about all the InLoox integrations can be found here.

Now we can proudly present the latest InLoox solution for Microsoft Teams which will turn Teams into a central hub for your communication and project management. 


InLoox for Teams features:

  • With the InLoox for Teams integration you always have all important project data at a glance. You can access all relevant project information such as tasks, documents or project planning directly within Microsoft Teams.

Picture: InLoox planning in Microsoft Teams

  • Add relevant project areas to different channels and fix tasks, lists, time recording, or planning as a tab in the chat with only a few clicks.

Picture: InLoox for Microsoft Teams

  • Now you can share or discuss project information with your colleagues in real time and easily edit the details of your InLoox project in the app.

Picture: Kanban with chat in Microsoft Teams

Your benefits:

  • Together with the existing integrations, InLoox now! App for Microsoft Teams offers a smart solution to manage your projects anytime and anywhere. 
  • Particularly in times of remote work and digital project teams the new integration with Teams facilitates efficient collaboration. 
  • A central platform for communication and project collaboration is not only useful for distributed teams. With the integration of InLoox into the Microsoft world you always have a central platform for your projects, which you can easily access and edit across all systems and programs. 
  • Your daily work routine will be enhanced by InLoox now! Teams app, as communication and project manageemnt are now even closer connected.


To integrate InLoox into Microsoft Teams you need a valid InLoox now! account. Additionally, channel members in Teams must work on the same database and must also have permissions for the respective project and project area in InLoox now! to access the project information.


Here's how it works: 

1. Open a channel

2. Add a new tab using the plus sign in the tab bar.   

3. Select the InLoox App.   

4. Log in with your InLoox now! account.  

5. Select the project area (support, lists, mind maps, tasks, planning, time, documents, budgets) you want to link to your channel. 

6. Select the appropriate project.

7. Check the box "Post in channel using this tab" to notify all members in the channel and all subscribers.   

8. Click Save.

You can find more information and help with the setup here: InLoox for Microsoft Teams Help

The new integration of InLoox enables you to take your communication and project management to a new level and helps you towards a successful digital transformation. Making information accessible from anywhere is the way to a sustainable working environment. You can find further information about the new InLoox integration for Microsoft Office here: InLoox for Microsoft Teams

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