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Construction projects face a great number of challenges - some centuries old and some are new to the industry. In today's economy especially, tighter budgets and detailed regulations put intense demands both on construction managers and crews. Using a project management software can help successfully complete the construction mission.

Construction project management is a very outcome-oriented discipline that strongly focuses on the project's time and cost constraints. With financial institutions becoming ever more risk averse, it is important to get things done right the first time. This requires that the construction project manager maintains an overview of all the key figures, deadlines and milestones while the project is underway. Moreover, a careful project analysis and detailed planning is crucial in order to ensure delivery within the project parameters.

Construction Project Management Software

The construction project manager

Before construction project management became a discipline in its own right, architects would take on this role as part of their scope of work. The increased complexity of commercial construction projects resulted in a greater need for project leaders specialized in construction project management. Not only should construction project managers have a strong specialized background in the specific field of the construction project. The construction project manager should be trained in general project management skills.

The construction manager, implied by the title, is at the helm of a construction project. He or she is ultimately responsible for the successful mission completion and this entails a multitude of tasks. Before even the first nail is hammered, it is the construction project managers responsibility to carefully analyze a proposed project. The analysis includes a cost analysis, risk assessment and time frame estimate. Based on the analysis results, the construction project manager generates a detailed project plan that includes project milestones. Closely related to the initial project plan are a number of construction project management objectives that need to be clearly defined at the onset of the construction project. These are:

  • State the project scope, budget, and schedule
  • Implementing, monitoring, and coordinating project tasks
  • Make optimal use of available materials, labor, and equipment
  • Create an effective communication system to keep all stakeholders in the loop

Even though these construcion project management objectives need to be defined during the planning stage of the project, the construction project manager might have to adjust them throughout the construction process to accommodate for unexpected conflicts and resource bottlenecks.

Strategic planning with construction project management software

Successful construction project management begins with a detailed project plan. It lies in the very nature of commercial construction management projects to have an extended project time frame and have various levels of dependencies. For any project manager, no matter how well-versed in project management, it is difficult to maintain an overview of all the different tasks, deadlines and resources. Even more so when changes to one element of the construction project plan effects other elements due to logic dependencies. In order to stay ahead of the game at any point in the process, it is useful to work with a construction project management software. Ideally, the tool features a Gantt planner that visualizes the construction project plan to help track tasks, deadlines and resource capacities. 

One of the most important things in successful construction project management is anticipating potential problems before they occur. A construction project management software can serve as an early warning system, allowing the construction project manager to detect potential risks early on and leaving enough time to intervene before serious damage to the project is done. On a different note, even when carefully analysing a project, some potential risks only become clear once the project plan is created. With the entire construction project plan visible at a glance, the construction project manager can detect high-risk project phases already during the project planning phase. This gives the construction project manager enough time to work out a viable solution and action plan that helps mitigate project challanges. A good way to identify high-risk phases is the critical path method. 

Simplifying complexity

Construction projects are very complex undertakings and deviding the overall project into smaller scope sub-projects helps to achieve successful delivery. Every sub-project is then again devided into work packages that are assigned to as many construction workers needed to effectively achieve an intermediate project goal. Not only does a construction project management software help the project manager coordinate and track the various tasks, it also clarifies responsibilities for the construction workers. Everyone involved knows exactly what to do at what stage in the project helping everyone involved to work even more efficiently. It is useful to include a feedback loop on the work package level that allows the construction crew to directly communicate back to the construction project management. Research shows that this way of involving the individual construction work in the overall project increases their work motivation and ultimately results in the delivery of higher project quality.

Keeping everyone in the loop

Apart from managing and monitoring the construction progress, construction project managers are in charge of channeling project communication and the information flow. They need to ensure that everyone involved has access to all the information necessary for delivery of quality results. Most construction projects have to deal with additional complexity that results from dispersed project teams. In this case, having one platform that centralizes all project communication and related information can be a decisive factor for successful mission completion. A construction project management software should also include a document management module that allows everyone involved to access project-relevant documents and easily identify which is the latest status of the document in question. 

Construction project management with InLoox

InLoox project management software solutions support you in most of the various phases in construction management. Use the Mind Mapping tool to brainstorm ideas for commercial construction projects, this ensures that you don't miss a detail of the overall project once you start planning the project realization. You can generate a project plan using the Mind Map, read more about the mind mapping feature and how it works here.

Construction Project Management Phases

Construction Project Management step-by-step.

Pre-construction planning

Creating a detailed project plan that includes deadlines, critical milestones and dependencies is very simple with the interactive InLoox PM Gantt chart planner. If you have to make changes to one activity, the entire project plan is automatically updated according to the pre-defined dependencies to reflect the lastest status on the project timeline. Additionally, the Gantt planner shows you the project's critical path, helping you to sharpen awareness for crucial elements to mission success.

With the work package feature, you can easily assign tasks to members of your construction crew, providing the information they need to successfully complete the tasks. The construction worker can also leave task-related comments and feedback for the construction project manager, making the work package tool a crucial, yet simple to use part in efficient project communication. 

Based on your estimates regarding the required time and human resource efforts to complete tasks and sub-projects, InLoox PM automatically calculates the expected costs. On top of that you can record planned expenses for example for materials, tools and contractors. Once the costs incur, you can feed the actual cost data into the system helping you to monitor the actual expenses while the construction project is underway and for a plan/actual comparison. 


Manage the purchase process for construction materials and service providers within your central construction project management platform. You can easily create purchasing tasks and transfer responsibility for task completion to your procurement department or employee by assigning the respective resource to the task. The Kanban board feature helps you and your construction crew keep track of the material delivery status.

Use the document management feature to administer project related RFIs, contracts, architect's supplemental information and change order requests. This way, all relevant information is gathered in one central place and everyone involved has access to the most up-to-date version of a document and project information. On top of that, with the InLoox contact management modul all essential project partner contacts are at your fingertips.


It is easy to stay ahead of the game with InLoox project management software; with all project-related information bundled in one platform, you are always up-to-date on the project's progress, cost development and potential risks. While projects are underway, construction project management software serves as an early warning system in case things don't go according to the plan. That gives you enough time to take actions to avert and mitigate project delays or budget overruns.

Thanks to the time tracking too, recording and billing real-time work hours is thinkably easy. This saves every member of the construction crew time and effort, and is a great way for the construction manager to stay on track with human resource costs and capacities.

InLoox project software also serves as your central communication platform with all stakeholders. It is very simple to keep clients, suporvisors and contractors in the loop. Create complete, concise and meaningful reports on the latest project status with only a few clicks. 


Once the project is completed, the software helps you wrap up the construction project. With all the information you need for the final documentation already compiled in one centrale platform, no tedious gathering of receipts, documents and information is required - leaving you time to get working on more profitable tasks. 

Benefits of Construction Project Management Software

  • Time saving
  • Faster decisions
  • Current information
  • Identical information
  • Reduces time consuming paper shuffling while improving access to project documentation, construction accounting records and other critical documentation
  • Enables your company to grow without increasing overhead
  • Creates more efficient workflow for important business processes, such as change orders, invoice approval and document management
  • Integrates your project management and construction accounting functions

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