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Project management software helps you monitor and control project expenditures. Find out how InLoox PM supports you finish projects within budget.

Project management software helps you keep track of all your project expenditures and revenues, providing a complete overview of the cost development in your project portfolio. With InLoox PM for Outlook, project cost control is even easier because you can simply work from within the familar Outlook user interface. InLoox PM integrates perfectly into Microsoft Outlook groupware, allowing you to be productive from day one. You can immediately work with existing budget information and documents, integrating them in your project planning and scheduling.

When working project based, you will soon collect an enormous amount of project related data and information. It is crucial for the successful delivery of any project to keep track of all the developments in the project - especially when it comes to project expenditures. With InLoox PM, you can easily keep track of any kind of costs that you incur while the project is underway. Moreover, you can compare your actual expenses to the planned budget with the click of a button. Anytime, anywhere.

Even better: InLoox PM allows you to use all data and information that is already available through your Outlook address book, calendar and e-mail account. Thank's to the project software's perfect integration with Microsoft Outlook's groupware, you can simply track and manage project related costs via your Outlook inbox. The software also helps you create complete and consisive project reports that will impress any supervisor and make it easy to visualize a project's current status. You can customize the reports with the report designer to reflect your company's CI. Additionally, it is extremely easy to create quotes for customers. InLoox PM for Outlook provides a continuous overview of all key project data and helps you react faster in case project costs steer off course - giving you the chance to take the right measures at the right time.

Project Cost Control with InLoox PM

Don't drag you project cost control until you are faced with the duties of you final project accounting. You might not like the surprises that may very well await you once the project execution is completed. With InLoox PM for Outlook it is easy to track all project costs while the project is underway. This way you can track, monitor and control project expenses at any point of the project execution and take counter measures as needed. InLoox PM integrates perfectly with the Microsoft Office suite, allowing you to import data from existing Excel and Word documents and save your project reports in the respective file format. Thanks to the many customization options, you can create reader-friendly project cost reports even before your final accounting is due.

Discover all the InLoox PM features and advantages with our full-featured, free trial version: Task management and scheduling, time and milestone tracking as well as the automated team coordination and communication. The combination of all relevant project management features in one easy-to-use tool makes InLoox PM the ideal software solution for your project management needs. Increase the transparency in your project portfolio with the continuous data analysis and evaluation, this helps you not only to keep better control of your project expenditures but makes it very easy to ensure a streamlined resource utilization. Everyone involved in the project has access to key project information and the software helps everyone on the team to achieve better project management results. InLoox PM for Outlook is ideal both for single users and team access. Your employers will be excited by InLoox PM for Outlook's user-friendliness and extremely usable interface. 

Can you really afford wasting resources? InLoox PM for Outlook provides you a consisten overview of your project portfolios's development and your project costs - this means planning security for you and your team every day.

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