Video Tutorial: How to Create a New Project with InLoox 9 for Outlook

Kathrin Jungwirth, Wednesday 20 July 2016 | Reading time: unknown

You have InLoox 9 for Outlook installed on your computer, but need help with the implementation? Do not worry – our brand new tutorial series will help you getting started. 

Our tutorials demonstrate step-by-step how InLoox 9 for Outlook works. The first tutorial is about how to create a new project. 

First, let’s start with a quick reminder of what a project actually is. A project can be seen as an action that you do over a specific period of time to achieve a certain outcome.

A project is described by the following characteristics:

  • New type of task
  • Clear start and end date
  • Refers to costs and resources
  • Measurable and clear goals
  • Collaboration in (cross-functional) project teams

Creating a new project with InLoox 9 for Outlook is easy. Our tutorial will explain the process and give you an overview over the most important features you need to know to start a new project.

Watch the full video here: How to Create a New Project with InLoox 9 for Outlook

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