Ready, Set, GO: InLoox now! Starter Edition Is Here! Online Project Management Made Easy

Annalena Simonis, Tuesday 19 May 2020 | Reading time: 5 min.

Projects, tasks, document and contact management: Now you can manage your projects online for free. The new InLoox now! Starter Edition brings your project management to the next level. Here’s what you can do with the new Starter Edition.

We are very happy to introduce InLoox now! Starter, the free InLoox edition for simple and flexible online project management! InLoox now! Starter enables small teams to get started quickly and easily with project management using the most important basic project management features. The online project management software helps to focus on the important things and guarantees flexible and easy access to all project information combined on a central platform.




The perfect tool for small teams

Do you still organize yourself with Excel lists or e-mail? Even with teams of two to three people, the coordination effort for tasks and projects is constantly increasing. Frequently sending e-mails with questions and to-do's, verbally checking the current status of a task or presenting the current project status to the customer in a time-consuming PowerPoint presentation - all this takes time.

Take the next step now and bring your project management with InLoox now! Starter to the next level! Whether you are a creative department, agency, start-up or a small team start your project management with the most important basic features. InLoox now! Starter offers you everything you need for efficient collaboration in teams with up to 5 people:

  • Transparent organization of your to-dos through projects.
  • Coordination of your personal & project related tasks.
  • Document management
  • Customizable lists
  • Contact management
  • 10 GB file storage space per account

Available in the browser with InLoox Web App, these features provide the baseline for project and task management. InLoox now! Starter is the perfect collaboration solution for small teams with up to 5 people who want to get started with software-based project management.

Your Workplace in InLoox Web App

The workplace in InLoox Web App: Your cockpit for efficient project work in the browser

Easily concentrate on the important tasks with free project management software

In the fast-paced professional world, one often loses sight of the important tasks. Who doesn’t know these days when you have to concentrate and hop from one task to the next? You don't have to keep going like this. Organize your projects and tasks simply online with our Starter Edition and always keep an eye on the important things:

  • All project information centrally combined on one platform.
  • Responsibilities and accountabilities are always clearly defined.
  • The current status of tasks & projects is transparent for each team member.
  • Deadlines are never forgotten. 
  • Important project documents are always available in the latest version and stored in a project or task-related database.
  • With individually customizable lists, even the smallest details are not missed.
  • Enjoy traceable and project-related communication with the help of notifications, notes and the integrated project chat.

Task management with Kanban

Task Management with Kanban

The Kanban board in InLoox Web App: Intuitive task management for more transparency in projects

Online project management. Anytime & anywhere

Are you often on the road or do you like to work flexibly?  That' s no problem: with InLoox now! Starter you have all your project information centrally organized on one platform and can access it easily from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, you can switch between different devices quickly and easily with InLoox Web App. No matter whether you have a stationary PC, laptop or tablet: simply log in via the browser and you are ready to go.


Free & simple: Start now

With InLoox now! Starter you neither need your own server nor do you have to go through a complicated installation process. We take care of the hosting of the project data for you. InLoox now! Starter makes the start into project management easier than ever!


Get started in 4 simple steps:

  1. Create InLoox now! trial account
  2. Activate your account
  3. Sign up for Starter Edition
  4. Invite up to 4 co-workers to your account


More information on the new Starter Edition & your sign up: InLoox now! Starter

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