Planning Made Easy part 2: Move

Sabine Pfleger, Wednesday 12 September 2012 | Reading time: unknown

Our second part of our series Planning made easy is about moving. You want to change your business premises or relocate a single department? Even small projects such as a move can be easier and more efficient by using a structured project time planning.

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Planning Made Easy part 1: Trade Fair Stand

Sabine Pfleger, Wednesday 22 August 2012 | Reading time: unknown

Today, we start our new series Planning made easy that will now be published regularly on the InLoox blog. It will provide you with free planning templates for InLoox PM for Outlook and InLoox PM Web App on different topics and from different fields of business.

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Trend: Project Management Outsourcing

Sabine Pfleger, Thursday 16 August 2012 | Reading time: unknown

Outsourcing experiences

A study of the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna has come to the conclusion that more and more companies want to outsource their project management or parts of it to specialized project service providers. The study focused on the potential benefits of outsourcing project management and which type of activities can be hived successfully.
Source: Adapted from Kreindl, Ortner, Schirl, 2012  
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International Project Management

Sabine Pfleger, Friday 10 August 2012 | Reading time: unknown

International project management


To manage a project successfully at one location is not always easy for project managers. It becomes even more difficult if project groups are distributed across multiple locations or even across different continents and time zones. To supervise a project with international staff is an additional challenge for project managers, but it also offers advantages.

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Agile Project Management

Jasper Braun, Tuesday 31 July 2012 | Reading time: unknown

Agile Planning

Agile project management is becoming more and more popular. To survive today’s business world, projects must be structured more flexibly and be more versatile. Here we have compiled a short summary of some useful online resources about agile project planning.
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InLoox now! Beta is now available

Jasper Braun, Monday 02 July 2012 | Reading time: unknown

InLoox now! Beta


InLoox now! – the online project platform in the cloud has entered the Beta phase. We invite you to test InLoox now! Beta until July, 22 2012 free-of-charge and without obligation. Create your free test account and start your first project with InLoox now! Beta within just a few minutes: Sign up for the beta version

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4 Golden Rules of Project Work

Jasper Braun, Friday 22 June 2012 | Reading time: unknown

4 Golden Rules of Project Work


Project teams usually consist of employees from different departments of a company. In addition to their work in the project team, those team members often have different supervisors in their departments, they are involved in different workflows outside of the project and they have different approaches to get their work done. That can lead to problems in the project group quite quickly. As a project manager, you are responsible for the results of the project, but you lack the authority to give directives. The following principles help you to manage projects successfully.

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4 Valuable Skills to Break Into Project Management

Jasper Braun, Friday 18 May 2012 | Reading time: unknown

This year, many IT executives plan to hire candidates with project management skills, but it is not always easy to start a successful project manager career. The advice given by the Project Management Institute makes it easier.

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