InLoox Customer Survey 2013: The results

Sabine Pfleger, Wednesday 21 August 2013 | Reading time: unknown

InLoox Customer Survey 2013 - The results

A few weeks ago, we asked for your opinion on the InLoox products in the InLoox Customer Survey 2013 and these are the results:

91 percent of the InLoox users have already recommended the InLoox products to business partners or would recommend them in principle. The integration with Microsoft Outlook, the ease of use and the options to adjust the software to the conditions in one’s company are the aspects that the participants like best about the software.

We are very happy to hear that InLoox is “a living thing” throughout the companies:  73 percent of the respondents use InLoox PM in their projects on a daily basis and 68 percent use the software for over a year. Thus, InLoox PM is not one of those applications which are introduced into a company and then remain unused.

The most popular features are the project list, time planning, document management and the quick access panels in Microsoft Outlook.  

Trend towards increasing mobility in everyday project work

The survey results also reflect the current trend towards increasing mobility in everyday project work: The majority of the project managers in the survey want to stay updated on the way to work or to customer meetings and want to get tasks done promptly – on a tablet computer or on their smartphone. Project management “to go” is, however, more of an additional option, because the majority of the users still want to manage projects on their desktop computer.

The Cloud is on the rise

Whereas most of the respondents want to use mobile devices to manage their projects in the future, they are still hesitant towards Cloud-based applications. 41 percent of the interviewed persons do not consider SaaS solutions yet. A quarter of the respondents already use Cloud software and 15 percent might probably use Cloud-based solutions in the future.

Kudos to the customer support team

One of the most frequently reported reasons for recommending InLoox products is the quality of the InLoox customer support. “Kudos to the support team for the qualified advice and help”, wrote one participant and another respondent confirmed: “A very special thank you goes to the hotline team!”

We are very happy about the positive feedback, but we are also happy to receive criticism and suggestions for improvement, because this makes it a lot easier for us to adapt the InLoox products to your needs.   

To all participants: Thank you for your time and your feedback!

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