Now available: InLoox PM Corporate Licenses

Sabine Pfleger, Friday 07 June 2013 | Reading time: unknown

InLoox PM Corporate License

For everyone who wants to equip large project teams or entire companies with InLoox PM, there is now a new type of license: The InLoox PM Corporate License. With this, you can provide all project team members in your company with InLoox PM.

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5 Questions on the Critical Path

Sabine Pfleger, Monday 27 May 2013 | Reading time: unknown

Kritischer Pfad


The critical path is one of the classic instruments in project management and an excellent tool for project time planning. However, project management students and even experienced project managers often have difficulties explaining what the critical path really is. Our 5 questions on the critical path will help you to gain a better understanding:

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Check list: Project completion

Sabine Pfleger, Friday 17 May 2013 | Reading time: unknown

Check list project completion

The project is finally done and even the last work package is completed. After weeks of hard work, the team is looking forward to its well-deserved vacation or new tasks. Most of them are happy to leave the project behind after a stressful final project stage. No wonder that motivation for a formal project completion is low at that point. But if the customer demands improvements at a time when the team is already scattered to the four winds, a sloppy project completion will take its toll.

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We are happy about our 2,500th customer!

Sabine Pfleger, Thursday 25 April 2013 | Reading time: unknown

InLoox' 2,500th customer


The international training provider Berlitz is our 2,500th customer. More than 35,000 users in over 2,500 companies in more than 40 countries on five continents use InLoox PM software products.

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InLoox at CeBIT 2013

Sabine Pfleger, Thursday 14 February 2013 | Reading time: unknown

Meet InLoox at CeBIT 2013

From March 5 to 9, you can discover the InLoox products at this year's CeBIT - the leading high tech trade fair - in Hanover.

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InLoox now! with New Features

Sabine Pfleger, Thursday 06 December 2012 | Reading time: unknown

InLoox now! - the InLoox project platform in the Cloud - now offers new features that make team communication and time planning in projects even easier and faster.   

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Check list: Kick-Off Meeting

Sabine Pfleger, Tuesday 27 November 2012 | Reading time: unknown
Checklist kick-off meeting

A successful, motivating project start is indispensable. That’s why experienced project directors invite their team members at the beginning of the project to a kick-off meeting.

A kick-off meeting is a meeting of all relevant project members which also marks the official start of the project or of a new, important project phase. On this occasion, the team members often meet for the very first time in person. This is particularly important in virtual or distributed teams, because the team members might not meet very often during the implementation phase. 

Usually, the kick-off meeting takes place after the project planning and before the implementation phase begins.

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When Projects Have Stalled - The Most Important SOS Measures

Sabine Pfleger, Friday 26 October 2012 | Reading time: unknown

When projects have stalled

Nobody likes to admit that their project is not running smoothly. But even though project managers hardly ever talk about it, there are plenty of projects that are in a stalemate, that do not deliver any results and that eventually fizzle out.   

In case of an acute project crisis, managers are immediately alerted – but the gradual decline of a project often remains unnoticed until it is (almost) too late to save the project. 

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New in InLoox now! – Timeline and e-mails

Sabine Pfleger, Friday 12 October 2012 | Reading time: unknown

InLoox now! – the latest member of the InLoox product family – has been enhanced with several much requested features. The turnkey project platform in the Cloud offers now an even better overview of your projects and makes it even easier to communicate with your team members.

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