Planning Made Easy part 1: Trade Fair Stand

Sabine Pfleger, Wednesday 22 August 2012 | Reading time: unknown

Today, we start our new series Planning made easy that will now be published regularly on the InLoox blog. It will provide you with free planning templates for InLoox PM for Outlook and InLoox PM Web App on different topics and from different fields of business.

The template trade fair stand is a basic framework for the planning of a fair trade stand that you can tailor to your specific needs and to which you can add the required planning elements.

We recommend you to highlight specific planning elements in different colors to add some structure to the project plan. In this template, the color green indicates that an activity can be done completely within the company, without having to rely on the work of external partners. The color blue is, however, a visual help to identify the tasks that usually have to be done externally, such as the printing of brochures. In InLoox PM 7 for Outlook, you can customize the colors individually by clicking Color on the Edit tab in the planning.

If you don’t know how to use templates in InLoox PM for Outlook, you get more information on this topic in our online help.

Click here to download the template trade fair stand.


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