[INFOGRAPHIC] Creative Team Building Activities

Linh Tran, Thursday 15 October 2015 | Reading time: unknown

Creative Team Building Activities

"Team building exercise" - are you sighing in exasperation just hearing these two words? But team building exercises can be exciting and go beyond trust falls and 2 truths/1 lie games. Here are some more unconventional team building activities that will help your team have fun AND bond. 

Creative Team Building Activities

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Keep in mind that not everyone will like these exercises. Take your team into account when deciding on a team building activity. For example, if the team is totally unfamiliar with each other, don’t overwhelm them with an elaborate outing and making them do outrageous things together. It will only create awkwardness and probably have the reverse effect. The most important thing is that everyone on the team feels comfortable and the team bonding should occur organically – not just because it was an order from above. 

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