December Roundup: Project Management Best Practices, Carols and Productivity

Project Management Best Practices

Last Minute Project Rescue: How to Save Your Project Before 2015 Ends

It’s never too late to save a project that has gone awry. We’ve compiled six tips to help you steer your project into the right direction again.

‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’? – 3 Reasons Why Change is Good for Business

Fact: People don’t like change. But it’s also a fact that change can be good and here are three reasons why.

[Guest Author] Project Perfection is Very Hard to Achieve

Project management isn’t about perfection. No one knows better than a project manager that anything that can go wrong probably will go wrong. It’s all about acting proactively!

Project Promotion: The 3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes

Many project managers are increasingly implementing social media into their projects to promote them. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Avoid these three mistakes and communicate successfully with clients and your team.


Project Management Lessons from Christmas Carols

The Holidays are over but you might still have Christmas carols stuck in your head. Why not try and extract some project management lessons out of them? You’d be surprised what you can learn from them!

[Infographic] The 8 Biggest Productivity Killers at Work

What are your resolutions for 2016? Do you want to increase your productivity at work? If so, then you should definitely avoid these productivity killers – particularly cat videos. Avoid cat videos!

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