November Roundup: Project Management in Different Industries, Thanksgiving, and More

Blog series “Project Management in Different Industries”

We continued our series “Project Management in Different Industries” in November. We looked at how project management can help these industries to operate more effectively and efficiently in order to overcome challenges and sustain a competitive edge. 

Benefits of Project Management for Public Relations

“Project Build It” – Project Management Tips for Construction

Why Human Resources Should Embrace Project Management

Manage Logistical Challenges More Effectively With Project Management


[Infographic] How to Make Better Decisions

We have to make decisions every single day. For some, it’s easy to be decisive, but for others it’s much more difficult. If you belong to the latter category, then our infographic will help you learn how to be more decisive and make better decisions.

[Infographic] Meeting Etiquette Rules to Live By

Like in everyday life, there are unwritten rules to meetings. Keep these etiquette rules in mind and avoid committing an unprofessional blunder at meetings.

[Infographic] Project Stuffed Turkey – Surviving Thanksgiving

Did you know that most of us consume about 5000 calories in a single sitting at Thanksgiving? But a lot of time and effort goes into the preparation before the feasting (or gobbling) can begin. Why not plan your next Thanksgiving (or Christmas) dinner with the help of project management methods?

PM Tips

Study: What Do Small Business Buyers Really Want from a Project Management Software?

Software Advice conducted a survey to find out what small business owners really expect from their project management software. The results offer great insight for vendors and (first time) buyers alike.

[Guest Author] Top 3 Project Manager Mistakes

Brad Egeland describes the three most frequent mistakes project managers make. His tip: own up to it and learn from it. 

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