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This is how project tasks can be created in InLoox Web App:


Create tasks in the project

If you want to create a task that should be assigned directly to a project, you can create tasks directly in the Projects area. To do this, go to Projects in the left sidebar and select the desired project by clicking on it. You are directly in the project for which you want to create a new task.

  1. Click on the Tasks tab, which will open the Kanban board.

    Add a new task to a project

  2. To create a task, click on the button labeled New Task in the upper left corner. The new task will appear in the Kanban board in the leftmost column and in the topmost position.

    New task in Kanban Board

  3. Alternatively you can click directly in the desired column on the plus, and a new task appears in the selected category.
  4. Now you can add information to the task such as name, description, due date etc. by editing it.
    For more information see Edit task.


Create tasks in the global task list

To create a global task, select Tasks in the left sidebar. You are now in the global task list.

Tasks in the InLoox Sidebar

  1. Click on the blue button New task. Now a new task with the name New task appears in your task list.
  2. When you click on this task, a side panel opens up on the right side, where you can edit your task and enter important information.
  3. Give the task a name, select the start and end date with the corresponding time and add a description. In addition, you can add task-relevant documents and assign the task to a group or a project.
    For details, see Edit task.