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Once you have successfully logged in to the InLoox Web App, you will land directly at the workplace. Alternatively, you can always navigate to the workplace via the menu on the left.

Workplace in the menu of InLoox Web App



Structure of the workplace

Creating a personal task

Assigning a personal task to a project

Filtering by task status

Time tracking of tasks using the stopwatch


How the workplace is structured:

  • At the upper section of the workplace, you will find your task list, labeled My Tasks. This contains both your project-independent tasks and project-specific tasks in which you are entered as a resource.
  • Below you will find another task list, labeled Delegated Tasks. This list is only displayed if you have created a task and assigned it to another person.

Overview of the InLoox Web App workplace

Creating a personal task

You can create personal, project-independent tasks in the workplace. This task is assigned to you by default and is not assigned to a project.

  1. In InLoox Web App, click on Workplace in the menu on the left.
  2. Click on New at the top and enter the name of the task. Enter the other details such as start/end date, task description or effort estimate etc.
  3. If the task is to be a recurring task, select the frequency in the Repeat field.

Assigning a personal task to a project

Since InLoox 11.9, you can make the project assignment directly in the task in the global task list. If you want to move a personal task to a project, proceed as follows:

  1. In InLoox Webb App, click on Workplace in the menu on the left.
  2. Open the task and click on the arrow in the Project field to select the project to which you want to assign the task from the drop-down menu.
  3. Alternatively, you can simply type the name of the project in the Project field and then select the correct one.
  4. If you want to remove the project assignment again, click on the X in the Project field in the task.

These changes are recorded in the task in the activities under the Changes tab. This allows you to track when the task was moved from which person to which project, or when and by whom the project assignment was completely removed.

Filtering by task status

Filter the task list by task status by clicking on one of the status fields:

  • Today - All tasks that are currently ongoing, have today's due date or whose deadline is already in the past
  • Overdue - All tasks whose deadline has been exceeded and which should therefore already be completed
  • Upcoming - All tasks that either have a due date in the future or have no deadline at all
  • All

My Tasks - Filtered by upcoming tasks

Tip To edit a task, simply click on it. The task will then open and you can adjust the details as usual. Find more details in the help-article about tasks »

Tip Would you like to jump directly to the project and view all tasks belonging to the project? Simply click on the project name on the far right.
Find more details in the help article about projects »