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You have created a task. Now you can fill the task with life and add various information.

To edit the task, you can either use the quick selection directly in the Kanban card or open the task for more details.

Quick selection: Without having to open the task, you can change the name of the task and use the lower round buttons to change the resource, set the end date as well as estimate the workload. To do this, use the fields that appear when you move the cursor over the task.

Edit task via quick selection

Open task: By clicking into the task (=Kanban card) you open the task and the dialog box for editing the task appears.

Edit task

Here you can enter further details:

  • Name of the task
  • Status: The status is automatically displayed depending on which column of the Kanban board the task is currently in (e.g. "In progress").
  • Color coding: To the right of the status, you have the option to assign a color to the task. This allows you to organize your tasks according to a color scheme, if desired, and for example, give related tasks the same color.
  • Resource: At the top right of the task, you can assign the project task to a resource. Tasks that you have created in the Workplace are automatically assigned to you. In the classic Kanban, team members "pull" tasks themselves from the To Do column. For a quick selection of frequently used resources, click in the field so that a drop-down opens. Now select the person who should be responsible for the task. If you assign a task to a person, that person will be notified. Only one resource can be assigned for each task.
  • Start and end date incl. time: You can specify a time frame for your task, but you do not have to. If you want to specify a start and/or end date, click in the corresponding fields and select a date. You can either specify only a start date, only an end date (equivalent to the due date) or both start and end dates. You can customize your task list so that you always see the due date of your tasks. To the right of the start/end date fields you find fields that allow you to specify the dates by entering fixed hours.
  • Effort: Here you enter the amount of time you plan for completing the task. This information serves as the basis for calculating the resource workload, for time tracking entries, and budget items. You can change this amount at any time here.
  • Task description: Add a text here as an additional description of the task.
  • Add documents:  If certain documents belong to the task, you can link them to the task.
  • Group: Here you can select a budget group. For each budget group, an internal price per hour is defined in InLoox. This will be applied to the task by assigning the group. Budget groups can be set by the InLoox administrator in the InLoox settings.
  • Project: Here you have various possibilities:
    1. If you have created the task within a specific project, this project is already entered.
    2. You can change the project assignment by either selecting another project to which you want to move the task from the drop-down menu. Or you can click on the X, type in the project name and select the new project.
    3. You can also create a new project from within the task. To do this, simply enter the new project name in the Project field - if this name is not found in the existing database, the option "Create new project" appears. By confirming with Enter, the new project is created.
    4. If you want to remove the task from the project, click on the X.
    Note  If you remove the project assignment, you will only find the task in the global task list. If the task is assigned to an planning activity in the Gantt chart, you cannot move this task to another project. You must first remove the task from the activity.
  • Activity: If you have created a Gantt planning, you can assign the task to an activity here. If you want to remove the task from the planning activity, simply click on the X in the field Activity.
  • Billable: This checkbox is activated by default when a task is created.
  • Custom Fields: Custom fields can be managed in the InLoox settings.
  • Activities: Activities include comments from project members about the task as well as changes to the task. This makes it possible to track when e.g. when the start or end date has been changed or when a task has been moved to a different status (more info here). Project members can communicate updates via comments and mention other project members as well.
  • Follower: Here other project members can be entered /they can enter themselves if they want to be notified automatically by mail about changes (even if they are not entered as a resource themselves). If project members are mentioned in the comments, they are automatically entered as followers.
  • Copy link: In the upper right corner via the link icon you have the possibility to copy a link of the task and send it to your team members.

When you have entered all the details, you can close the task. All details will be saved automatically.