Task templates

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If a certain set of tasks comes up again and again in your projects, it makes sense to save them as a task template. For example, these can be tasks that typically arise during a trade show appearance or a product launch. This way, you don't have to create these tasks over and over again, but only make adjustments for your current project.


Saving and loading a task template

  1. First, create the tasks you want to use in your template in a project. To learn how to do this, see Create task and Edit task.
  2. To save the task template directly in InLoox, click Templates in the Tasks section of the project on the far right and then click Save Tasks as Template. Assign a name for your template and save. 

    Save taks as templates

  3. The task template is now available in all your InLoox projects. You can find it under Templates. To load a task template into your project, simply click on the desired template.
  4. If there are no tasks in your project yet, the tasks from the template will now appear in the Kanban view, where you can continue editing them. If your project already contains tasks, the tasks from the template will be added to it.
  5. The InLoox administrator can rename, delete, export and import the task templates in the InLoox settings.
    Tip There are ready-made templates available on the InLoox website in the Download section, which you can import into your projects.


Export task templates

If you do not want to save a task template in InLoox but on your computer, you can export it. This is useful, for example, to import it into Microsoft Project or to use it in another InLoox database.

  1. In the corresponding project, create the set of tasks that you want to save as a template and reuse.
  2. Now click on the Templates button in the Tasks section and click on Manage Templates.

    Manage templates

  3. Now you can see all your current templates. You can edit the names of your task templates, delete templates, or download templates.

    Edit, delete and download templates


Import task templates

In addition, you have the option to import templates.

So far, you can only do this via InLoox for Windows - for details, see Task templates in InLoox for Outlook and InLoox for Windows.