Team task management with Kanban

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This is how a Kanban board is structured

A Kanban board is read from left to right:

  • On the far left are always the unfinished tasks or the backlog.
  • On the right side there are always the completed tasks.


Change, add and delete status (=kanban column)

You can customize the number and naming of the columns to suit the way you work. To do this, click on the three vertical dots on the right side of a status. Here you have the option to rename the status, add a new status to the left/right of it, or delete the status. Alternatively, you can click directly on the status name to rename it and change it.

You can control the order of the Kanban columns - using drag and drop you can easily move a column to the left or right.

Kanban Board in InLoox Web App


New tasks & change status of a task

New tasks always appear first in the leftmost column. You can drag them to another column to change their status and color assignment. For example, when a team member starts working on a task, they can drag it from the To Do column to the In Progress column. This way all team members can see who is currently working on what. Once you drag the task to the far right column, it is considered complete.

You can recognize overdue tasks by the red marking of the start and/or end time.

Overdue task

Attention No matter how you name and arrange the columns - in InLoox, the tasks in the leftmost column are always listed as Uncompleted and the tasks in the rightmost column are always listed as Completed.

Note Adjustments to the Kanban board are always visible for the entire project. If you want to define a Kanban structure for all projects in the database, the InLoox administrator has to define this in the InLoox settings.