InLoox AI: Generate Tasks from Email Texts

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Requirements for the use of AI functions in InLoox

  • You must have agreed to connect your Office 365 account to InLoox via the Microsoft 365 integration in InLoox. If this has not been done, InLoox will inform you as soon as you click on Track in the menu.
  • A requirement for using this feature is the activation of AI assistance for your InLoox account. This setting is activated by default. The person with InLoox administrator rights can disable it in the InLoox settings. More information about privacy in general and InLoox AI can be found here.
  • The InLoox AI functionality is currently only available in the cloud editions InLoox Professional and InLoox Enterprise. If you are using InLoox On-Prem and are interested in InLoox AI, please contact us.

Generate InLoox tasks from email text

  1. In InLoox Web App, click on Track in the menu on the left. If you are not yet connected to your Office 365 account, do that now by clicking on Connect Microsoft Account.

    Office 365 Authorization - Grant InLoox Web App access to read Outlook appointments

  2. Under the Inbox tab, select the email from whose text you want to generate the InLoox tasks.
  3. In the right column, select the project where you want to put the generated tasks. If you don't see the project, enter the project's name in the search field.
  4. Now click Identify tasks. InLoox identifies the tasks, estimates the duration (effort) and also suggests a completion date.
  5. Check the result and click Capture to place the task in the selected project.

Now you can click on the project's name and continue editing the generated tasks in the Kanban Board.

Automatically identify tasks from emails with InLoox AI