Time Tracking

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Time tracking in InLoox supports you in various application areas. For example, you can record time spent on project-related tasks, document activities or record working hours for later accounting. You can access time tracking both within a specific project and outside of projects. In both views, you can create new time tracking entries or reminders and edit existing ones.

  • The global time tracking view shows you all time tracking entries of all projects to which you have access. To access the global time tracking entries, click on Time in the menu on the left. You will now get an overview of all time tracking entries across all your projects. In Simple mode you see the time entries as a list and in Advanced mode in a table view, which you can group by columns like in an office list.
  • The time tracking view in the project only shows the time tracking entries of the open project. To access the Time Tracking view in the project, click Projects in the left menu and then open an existing project. Click on the Time tab in the project.

IMPORTANT To book time entries, you must first define in the settings how many working hours your working day has. By default, InLoox Web App assumes 8 hours. You must have administrator rights to do this. Here you also define for how many days retroactively a time tracking entry may be posted. If this time span is exceeded, the person who wants to edit or post a time tracking entry that is beyond this period will get a notification message.