Practical examples of the table view of time tracking entries

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Time tracking entries grouped by projects

As a project manager, you want to see how much effort has already been posted to your projects. To do this, you first group by the Project Name column. If there are several team members in the individual projects, it is a good idea to additionally group by the persons performing the work. To do this, drag the Performed By column to the top. Important columns that should be displayed: Name, Creation date, Duration as well as Is Billable and Is Billed. This way you can see, in addition to the booked efforts (duration), which of them are billable and which of them have already been billed.

Grouping time entries by project name and executing person

If you have freelance employees

If you have provided external freelancers with an InLoox Web App license to track for which tasks how much effort has been booked, then first group by the Performed By column and filter it by the freelancer in question. If you additionally group by project name, you will see all time tracking entries of this external employee grouped by projects.

NOTE In order for an external employee to be able to post effort to the tasks assigned to them, you must give them at least the following user-based permissions: Read Projects, Read Tasks, and Edit Time Tracking. This allows the freelancer to create a time tracking entry and link it to a project task or planning element. He cannot edit other employees' entries or his own. If the freelancer should be able to edit his own time tracking entries after the initial creation, then you must also give the freelancer the Edit own time tracking right.