Track time of outlook calendar entries

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To book Outlook appointments to projects, follow these steps:

1. Click Track in the menu on the left.

2. If you are using this feature for the first time, you have to agree that InLoox Web App is allowed to read your calendar. To do so, click on Connect Microsoft Account.

Office 365 Authorization - Grant InLoox Web App access to read Outlook appointments

Then a window from Microsoft will open where you have to Accept the authorization to read the outlook calendar.

3. After you have given your permission that InLoox is able to read your Outlook calendar, you will get an overview of all your personal calendar appointments. Above the respective day you will see either an orange or a green dot. This traffic light system marks those days with fully booked appointments as green, and days with not yet booked appointments as orange. On the right side you can see your project favorites.

Outlook Kalendertermine auf InLoox Projekte verbuchen

4. Find the calendar entry you want to track, either using the search function, or by navigating directly to the day on which the appointment took place.

5. Drag and drop the desired appointment from the overview to the right onto the desired project in which you want to book the time. Subject as well as date and duration of the appointment will be taken over automatically. Info InLoox automatically removes the email addresses from the To, CC and BCC fields during the booking process, so that no personal email records of third parties end up in your InLoox account.

6. As soon as you release the mouse cursor, the calendar entry is successfully booked in the project. As a result, the calendar entry will be marked Tracked in the overview and will also be displayed on the right side of the corresponding project.

7. If you want to make adjustments, e.g. if the appointment took longer than scheduled, you can simply open and edit the time entry. 

8. Private appointments or appointments that are not to be tracked can be ignored. To do this, simply click on the Ignore button. 

9. Use the toggle Display ignored at the top, to set whether you want ignored items to be displayed or whether they should be hidden in the overview.

You can also decide via Track full item contents whether the entire description of the Outlook appointment should be included in the time tracking entry or not.

Quicktrack - Display ignored & Track full item contents