Functions in the table view

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If you switch to the advanced mode, you can display the project list in a table view, similar to an office list. To do this, click on the three vertical dots at the top right and activate Advanced mode.

The Dropdown menu for time tracking

NOTE This view is suitable for working on the desktop. If you want to access the table view on your smartphone or tablet, InLoox recommends saving a view suitable for your model as a template on the desktop. You can then select this view on your smartphone or tablet.

Functions in the table view:

  • In the table view you can click on the three vertical dots and select Choose Fields to show the column menu and drag columns into the table.
  • By clicking on the funnel icon, you can show and hide column filters.
  • You can save the current view by selecting Save as New View from the three vertical dots.
  • You can manage the saved views by clicking Manage Views, also under the three vertical dots. If you want to make a saved view available to all your InLoox contacts, check the Visible for all checkbox.

    Manage your views

NOTE The Manage views function is available in other areas, such as for people or projects. Therefore, you will also see saved views from these other areas in the dialog box. You can only use views from the area in which you are currently active.

TIP A detailed description of the functions in the table view can be found here. The handling is the same in all areas of the InLoox Web App.