Projects in the table view in practice

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Project overview by division

To see internally what the status quo of each division's projects is, group by project division and then by project manager. Show the Priority column as well as the Progress (calculated) and Planned End columns to see if any critical projects are behind schedule. In addition, it is also a good idea to show the Total Expenses (Plan, Resources) and Total Expenses (Actual, Time Entries) columns to compare planned and actual expenditures and to identify any budget overruns early on.

Grouping by division and project manager


Status quo in client projects

Group by Client Name and in addition show the Planned End column to see if the specified project end date can be reached. To see the responsible division in addition to the project manager, show the Project Division column. If you want to view information on project-specific expenses, show the Total Expenses (Plan, Resources) and Total Expenses (Actual, Time Entries) columns for a plan/actual comparison. The Note column displays the most recent project note and can be helpful when you need to know the current status.


Overview of cross-departmental customer projects

Group the view by Client Name and project Division. This allows you to see which departments are currently working for a customer. You can now further use the filter option in the Name column to filter only by specific customer projects. This way you can see which departments are working together on a customer project. For the status quo, show the columns Progress (calculated) as well as Planned End and End.


Personal project list

It is useful to save a personal table view to your own projects as a template. This allows you to view only the information that is important to you with one click. To learn how to do this, see Save table view as template. The handling is the same in all areas with the Table view function.

NOTE Since you only see projects in which you are a member in the project overview, you do not have to group extra according to your person, as is the case in the global tasks, for example.

TIP If you are a project manager and only want to see the projects in which you hold this function, group the view by First Project Manager and filter in it by your name.