Create, edit and delete project tasks

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This is how project tasks can be created in InLoox:

A combination of all three methods is also possible.



Creating tasks manually

Editing tasks

Deleting tasks


Creating tasks manually

  1. You are in the project for which you want to create a new task.
  2. Click on Tasks in the ribbon on the Start tab.
  3. Now click New on the Edit tab in the ribbon.

Alternatively, you can also click on the plus in the respective column, then the new task will be assigned directly to this column.

 A new task appears in the left column of your Kanban board. At the same time, the page panel for editing tasks opens on the right.

  • Name and description: Now assign a name to your task and describe it.
  • Effort: Enter the estimated effort for the task. By clicking on the small black arrow you can change the unit from hours to working days (equivalent to 8 hours by default) or minutes.
  • Resource: You can assign the project task to a resource, but you do not have to. In classic Kanban, team members "pull" tasks themselves from the Not Started column. For a quick selection of frequently used resources, click on the small arrow; for the global address list, click on the three dots to the right of Resources. Now select the person who will be responsible for the task. Only one resource can be assigned to each task.
  • Start/End: You can give your task a time frame, but you do not have to. If you want to specify a start and/or end time, click the arrow next to Start or End and select Date and Time. If you assign a task to an activity in the project schedule, its start and end are automatically taken over. However, you can change this again manually. Note: We recommend scheduling a task only within the time frame of the activity to which it belongs.
  • Documents: If certain documents belong to the task, you can link them to the task by clicking New link in the Documents area. You will then get an overview of all project documents that have already been created in InLoox and for which you have read permission. If there are no documents in your project library yet, you can upload a new document and link it directly to the task by clicking New, selecting a document from your computer and confirming with OKTip If you want to link a document to a project item, but you have a lot of project documents, you can search for the respective document in the document list. To do this, simply click on the column above the respective column heading in the entry dialog and type in the search term.
  • Budget: You can assign the task to a specific budget group. For each budget group, an internal price per hour is stored in InLoox PM. This will be applied to the task by the assignment. Budget groups can be set by the InLoox administrator in the InLoox options. By default, the Billable checkbox is activated. This means that for the time spent on the task, a plan output for the resource costs is created in the project budgets. You can then create an actual revenue from this in the budgets. If you uncheck the box, this will no longer be possible.
  • Notifications: The added resources will automatically receive a notification about the task. In the Notifications area, you can inform other people, e.g. the project management or a substitute, about the new task and any changes to it. To do so, click on the small arrow for a resource quick selection or on the three dots to go to the global address book. How and when a resource is notified is defined by the InLoox Administrator in the InLoox Options.

Finally, click Save on the File tab in the upper left corner if you want to save the task but still continue working in the project or Save and Close if you want to save the task and close the project.


Editing tasks

You can edit an existing task by clicking on it and then clicking Edit on the Edit tab in the ribbon. The page panel that you already know from creating a new task will open. You can now make the desired changes to the task.

You can also quickly edit certain information of a task inline, such as the task name, start date, effort or resource.

If a task is done, you can select it and click Done on the Start tab in the ribbon. The same command can be found in the context menu. To do it, right-click the task and select Done.

When a resource marks a task as done, all people registered on the task under Notifications will receive a notice about it. The task is automatically moved to the Completed column or to the right outer column of the Kanban board. The completion is also reported back to the project schedule and is included in the project progress calculation. If a project manager marks the task as done, then the responsible resource and all the people entered under Notifications will receive a notification.

Tip If there are many similar tasks in your project, you can copy the tasks. To do this, click on the task with the mouse, click Copy on the Edit tab in the ribbon, and then click Paste.

Attention If the copied task contains constraints from a task in the planning in the original version, these constraints will not be taken over when copying. However, manually set start and end dates will be applied.


Deleting tasks

You can delete tasks by clicking on the corresponding task in the list and then clicking Delete on the Start tab in the ribbon. This function is also available in the context menu, which you can reach by right-clicking on the task you want to delete.

When you delete a task, the people for whom you have set up notifications will be informed about it. If you, as a project manager, delete a task for which another resource is responsible, then that resource will be notified about it.

Note The deleted tasks are irrevocably removed, you cannot restore them.

Tip If you want to delete several tasks at once, you can do it with Multiselect. To do this, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and left-click on the tasks you want to delete. Now select Delete in the ribbon.