Create and edit a to-do list

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You can use the lists to create checklists for your project and thus clearly structure project information even in an early phase without tasks and scheduling.

You can only create lists on a project-specific basis, i.e. within a project.


Create a checklist in a project

1. Open the project to which you want to add the list.

2. In the project, click Lists on the Start tab in the ribbon.

3. On the Edit tab, click New List.

4. In the dialog box on the right, you can now assign a name for your checklist. If you want to create a personal checklist with your own To Dos, check the box Only visible to me. If you have set the checkmark, other team members will not see the list.


Adjust and add columns/fields

In the Fields section, you can now assemble your list from various field types. The following types of fields are available:

  • Text
  • Date
  • Integer
  • Decimal number
  • Control field

By clicking New field you can add another field to your list and name it as you wish.

With the help of the arrows you can change the arrangement of the fields in the list, with a click on the cross you can delete a field from the list.


Create links to other project elements

Click New link in the page panel on the right if you want to link your list with one of the following elements from your project:

  • Mindmap Node
  • Tasks
  • Planning elements in the Gantt chart
  • Time tracking items
  • Documents
  • Budgets
  • Budget items

Click on the corresponding link to navigate directly to the linked element, e.g. to a mind map node to which the list belongs.


Add list items to the checklist

Now fill your list with content by adding list items. To do this, click New Entry on the Edit tab in the ribbon. You can type text directly into the line in the list.

Example: You can create a classic checklist with the two field types Checkbox and Text.

Example: You create a date list from the fields Date and Text.


Adjust the view

On the View tab, you can switch between a map and list view. These views only affect the appearance of your list, not the contents.


Switch between different lists

On the tabs at the bottom left you can see all the lists that have already been created for the project. You can navigate from list to list there. You can add as many lists as you like to a project. Clicking the right mouse button opens a context menu that allows you to create new lists and edit or delete existing lists.

You can also click Edit List on the Edit tab in the ribbon if you want to make changes to the list you are currently on.