Project Planning Techniques

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At InLoox, we understand that there are many steps involved in getting a project organized and accomplished. Whether your project is large or small, our online project management software can make the process a whole lot easier. Take a look at this simple project planning guide to find out how the project planning tools and techniques contained in our software can prove useful at every step.

Creating a Team

Item number one on any expert list of project planning tips is to assemble a team of your best people to accomplish a project. The number of people on the team depends upon the scope of the project. In addition, each member of the team should have a special set of skills that will help them to accomplish specific tasks. Taking the time to choose the right people for your team contributes to the success of the project.

Establishing a Budget

Any complete project planning guide will highlight the importance of establishing a budget for the project early on in the process. Project estimation techniques are helpful in predicting the total cost of a project. The various features of InLoox PM help you to keep tabs on the costs of a project. For example, our graphical budget overview provides your team with a graph that plots a project’s planned expenses versus its actual expenses. Also, the graph displays information on planned revenue versus actual revenue. The budgeting timeline is another useful feature of InLoox PM. All costs are noted on a graph as a project progresses toward its completion. These features combined with solid project estimation techniques help to take a lot of the guesswork out of the final cost of any project.

Assignment Distribution

Once the project team has been assembled and the budget established, each person must be assigned a task or tasks. Unfortunately, no matter how good your project planning techniques are, miscommunication at this phase of the planning can result in long delays and incomplete work. For instance, team member A may be under the impression that team member B is working on a particular task. However, if team member B is unaware of this information, it can cause a slowdown on the project. That’s where InLoox PM comes in! The task management feature of InLoox PM keeps track of the tasks of each team member. Furthermore, this feature notes the ongoing progress of a task as well as its deadline. In short, the task management feature of InLoox PM ensures that all team members are on the same page regarding their responsibilities.

Communicating Progress

Some projects require a team of a dozen or more employees, while others need just five or six. Regardless of the size of a team, it’s necessary for team members to be able to communicate with one another throughout the process. InLoox PM 8 integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing every team member access to up-to-date information. Buy InLoox PM 8 and enjoy its valuable features, such as time planning, project time tracking, and document management. Each person can see how the project is progressing because everyone has access to the same platform. Companies that purchase our InLoox Web-based software can provide their team members with current data without scheduling time-consuming meetings or sending out individual emails. Our software boosts the efficiency of any project!

Getting the Big Picture

Finally, if you’re the head of a department within a company, you may have several projects going at one time. This means that you must stay abreast of the progress of each project so none of them will get off track. Our project management software operating with Microsoft Exchange Server makes this task easier with its project list feature. Project leaders and department heads can look at this list to see the real-time progress of each project going on in the office. This list displays the names of the members of each team as well as the start and finish dates of each project. Our software streamlines this information, allowing team leaders and others to see it all at a glance. Take advantage of the free trial offer on our InLoox PM Web App and you can check the progress of a project while you’re on the go!