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A project tracking system assists you to recognize all of the tasks that are required to complete your project successfully on time. That is why it is recommended to be deployed during planning phase of a project to control and regulate the allocated resources. It provides a fully automated monitoring, and evaluation system of financial requests by simply tracking planned, actual and modified expenditures to information system accounts. The project tracking system provides a highly-standarized, automated technique of budget and planning management across a diverse group of activities.

InLoox PM Management and Planning

Project Tracking Software and Management Tools

Project tracking software is widely used to create project plans, execute reports and use timesheets. The project tracking software handles time and tasks efficiently and helps you to keep track of your budget. It also reflects how many project phases have been completed till date plus how many project tasks are still left to be completed. InLoox Project Tracking Software is a fully featured solution that basically helps users to track down scheduled tasks, resources, risks, changes and issues.

Project tracking software is a cost, time saving and efficient project management solution. Project tracking ensures that the right tasks are completed at the right time the best way possible. Project tracking software also allows you to proficiently administer all the scheduled projects. InLoox gives you an advantage by providing time alerts for tasks that are late. The tracking system is packed with powerful resource tools that will increase your overall productivity and profit margin ratio.

Salient features of Project Tracking Software - InLoox

Project Overview

InLoox project information can be displayed according to the user's individual needs - by customer, internal and external contacts (e.g. stakeholders, project managers and team members), departement. Information can be called up quickly and effortless, for example while being on the phone.

Activity and Time Recording

InLoox supports the simple recording of activity and effort for all project steps, for example out of the Outlook calendar or inbox. A complete activity history can thus be produced for each project.

Project Planning

Project phases, work packages and milestones can be assigned to staff or other resources. Project members can see dates and milestones in their Outlook calendar or personal task list. Effort and cost estimation functions, plus follow-ups, are also included.

File Management

Straightforward document management in Outlook due to InLoox: Order and clarity for all project documents. Outlook mailboxes, files and network releases, internet and intranet and addresses share point servers are all supported.

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InLoox PM project software is a cost effective and efficient project management solution for you.