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The methods that businesses use to accomplish tasks have drastically changed in the past couple of decades. During the 20th century, the Internet revolutionized how companies managed their projects by making the process incredibly effective. Today, cloud-based project management software amplifies the productivity of businesses and allows them to rapidly accomplish tasks with maximum efficiency. If you are seeking tools for exceptional cloud-based project management, InLoox offers the best programs to propel your company toward success.

Both small businesses and large corporations can benefit from updated project management cloud solutions. If your projects do not meet your qualifications, consult a professional guide to project management. Specialized guidance partnered with an InLoox program can help you track and complete projects in record time with quality results. With InLoox, an individual or project team can easily access the software in order to progress toward objectives. Our company offers two different types of software to help you accomplish your goals.

Using InLoox PM for Outlook, you can manage your projects easily through integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server. InLoox now! allows you to access all of the features of InLoox PM and more from any Web browser or device using innovative technology and a unique project management cloud. These different versions offer a variety of helpful features.

When considering which project platform is right for you, one of the differences between InLoox’s programs revolves around data storage. InLoox PM for Outlook does not require the user to store data with cloud-based technology. Both InLoox PM for Outlook and the InLoox PM Web App can work with an on-site database and do not need to store data online. InLoox now! stores data in the cloud. For cloud storage, your first user license entitles you to 5G of space on the cloud. For each additional user you add to the same database, you will gain 1G of storage.

A project’s progress was once tracked on paper or through desktop-based documents and software, but now, Web-based software allows you to follow every aspect of your project from initiation to completion without being limited by device or location. There are many benefits to utilizing cloud project management with InLoox. The software is great for any project size, whether it is your own personal project or your corporation’s project involving hundreds of people. Your users can access important data anywhere from any device, platform, or browser. Whether you are using your Apple smartphone with Safari or a Dell desktop with Firefox, InLoox now! is consistently accessible and automatically syncs data among all users.

Cloud project management can be divided into five different essential processes for task completion. These processes include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. InLoox now! provides a simple project platform that tracks every step you take, from initiating to closing. Our software gives you tools for scheduling activities, listing projects, communicating simply, assigning tasks, organizing ideas, and tracking expenses. InLoox delivers all of these features as well as top-priority security and ongoing server support. For more information about everything you can accomplish with InLoox, check out the descriptive feature list with visual examples.

If you are looking to purchase cloud-based project management software to increase your company’s efficiency and receive outstanding results and returns, we offer special incentives to ensure your complete satisfaction with all InLoox products. Whether you are interested in InLoox PM for Outlook, InLoox now!, or another type of software, we will allow you to try our software for 30 days with no obligation to buy. After your free trial, you can easily upgrade to our professional license if you are satisfied with your project management results.

At InLoox, we take pride in our excellent software and support. If you need more information or assistance with purchasing, we would be happy to help. If you are interested in our software but still want to find out more about how it works, we also offer free live demos if you want to experience an interactive demonstration of InLoox software. For cloud-based project management, trust us to provide the platform you need to give structure to your projects and achieve the results you desire.