Calculation of the resource utilization in the overview

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TIP Please read the article Essential settings for the resource overview, so that you know which InLoox account settings you have to make.

InLoox uses the following data to calculate the resource utilization:

  • Working time per day
  • Calendar of the persons
  • Outlook calendar appointments of the persons
  • Effort of the task of the assigned person
  • Start and end date of the task or start and end date of the task assigned to the task or start and end date of the project (if the task has no start/end date and is not assigned to any task).


Levels in the resource overview

In the resource overview itself you will find different levels:

  1. Resource (=person) level: here you can see the total utilization of the resource in percent. The intuitive level indicator helps you to see the level of workload at a glance.
  2. Project level: Here you can see the assignment of the resource to various projects as well as the total workload across the individual projects in percent.
  3. Task Level: If you are interested in detailed project information, you can further expand the projects and see the individual tasks including effort in hours for each task.
  4. Outlook appointments: InLoox offers an extended integration with your personal Outlook account for the resource overview. The synchronized appointments are displayed in the resource overview in the line "Outlook appointments". These appointments only contain information about start, end and therefore also the duration (corresponds to the effort) of the appointment. Other details like subject and description of the appointment are not relevant in the resource overview and will not be displayed. Note This feature requires a link between your Office 365 account and InLoox - you can set this up quickly and easily in the InLoox settings for the resource overview.